Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Paper Edit" Animation

This animation is an excerpt from a short called "Paper Edit". This excerpt was created by Hunter Siegal and myself. Zach Bolander scored the music, narration is provided by Omar Williams, and the actress is Erika Pektas. The animation (along with the rest of the short) was created in a single weekend as part of the national 72-hour film competition (72 hours to write, shoot and edit). 
Paper Edit-Animation from Chad Taylor on Vimeo.


Scott Stephens said...

Nice work. I like the drawing and painting of the background. Did she walk into the environment after that?

ct said...

Thanks dude. It cuts to a different angle of her in the actual alley-way, but you don't see her walk into the environment from the original angle.

cultural architect said...

Great Work Chad.